February 19, 2015

Why is it hard to be a plumber in chandigarh

Well it is reality that finding a right plumber in chandigarh for your job to be done is much more difficult compared to a carpenter or electrician. There is a very good reason for that when you compare the work style of all the above.

An electrician needs very less hardware to do his job. Usually if you call electrician from nearby, he will just bring a set of pliers, insulation tape and electrical charge tester with him. These are cheap and not much of investment is required to perform task. A person looking for job can easily purchase these accessories and can go on a job. The number of electricians are more in society so it is easier to get training too


Now incase of a carpenter, the tools are expensive and specialised but they don’t just sell service but material also. They will keep commision on wood and will charge lumpsum amount for their task. Now the carpenter don’t like working on the daily wages as they earn more with their contracts and product sale. There are very few wooden branded product manufacturers which are selling products cheaper than your local store. The constant change in design and products are not allowing big players to come and compete with local furniture manufacturers.

A plumber is man who is dependent upon service. He is not selling any product. The hand tools and accessories for a plumber are expensive. There is very less talent due to this in the market. They don’t sell products but just services. It is very lucrative for them to work with builders or hotels for long projects rather than to wait for a service call. Another challenge is diagnosing problem is only done when there is water supply. In Chandigarh societies there is 24 hour water supply but in residential homes it is limited to very odd timing of morning and evening. The strange work schedule, less exposure and expensive accessories has let lower number for plumbers available in market.

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